Most personal Image Consultants and Color Analysts drape large swatches of colored fabric under your face to see how your coloring (skin, hair, eyes) reacts to the clothing color. Your face may brighten, or look pale or dull. It’s fun to do, and you can gather the colors suggested below and do it yourself in front of a mirror or with friends.


Compare the colors.  Hold the swatch under your face as if it were your shirt. Does the Powder Blue look better or is the Royal Blue better? Is Orange-Red more flattering or am I better in Blue-Red? You can test with anything you have around the house in the colors you need. A tee, a towel, a throw pillow – whatever!


Most of you will know your season from Steps 1, and 2.  Some women fall easily into one palette. Others may be on the borderline between 2 seasons.


A brown eyed, brown haired woman with a  “greenish” undertone to the skin could be an Autumn or an olive-skinned Winter. A blond, blue-eyed woman may have trouble deciding between Summer and Spring. Remember that every person can find SOME colors from each season that look pretty good. Never judge by one color alone. One Season will emerge as your over-all best. That Season will guide you to choose your best colors for clothing, makeup and hair color, if you choose to color your hair.


Testing yourself in makeup colors (Step 3) will give you confirmation. When you put on a pink or peach, plum or coral, burgundy or orange-red lip color and do comparisons, it shows! Often, we used the makeup test as the deciding factor in our classes. (I say “used” because I am retired from teaching, but lots of Image Consultants still do Color Analysis. You can Google to find one if you need help.)


One last tidbit…Some companies use Hair Color only as the test to determine your season. It’s quick and easy for their purposes. They are selling makeup and don’t care if your hair is the right color for you in the event that you color it. That said, it’s not a bad way to do it, especially if your hair is its natural color. Color Me Beautiful, the company I founded and eventually sold, has a Quiz on their website using only hair color. It’s free so you might try it.